130 The Center At Heron Hill Staff


Joyce Korschgen, LPC, EAGALA, Executive Director

Joyce Korschgen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association)  trained Equine Assisted Professional (EAP) who has been in private practice for 30 years. Though her main specialty has been the treatment of Eating Disorders she was inspired to create Heron Hill Arabians 8 years ago and has been working to promote EAP since then. Her more recent collaboration with Lewis and Clarke College and Thomas Doherty has resulted in the development of The Center at Heron Hill: An Equine and Nature Based Therapy and Education Program. She is the founder of Alliance Counseling Center, an outpatient eating disorder treatment facility and now serves as the Director of The Center at Heron Hill. Joyce is a level one Archery Instructor.

Thomas Doherty, PsyD, Ecotherapy Consultant

Thomas Doherty, PsyD is a psychologist in Portland, Oregon who specializes in nature-based counseling approaches and the psychological aspects environmental issues. He is active in research and education in wilderness therapy and brings over 20 years of experience providing therapy, education, and personal growth in settings ranging from primitive skills expeditions to inpatient hospital units. Thomas began his career working with adjudicated youth on the wagon trains of the Vision Quest program of Arizona. He later worked as a river guide in Grand Canyon and as an expedition leader, therapist, and supervisor at the Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Programs. In addition to his clinical psychology practice, Thomas trains counselors at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School, where he founded the Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate program. Thomas is also Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Ecopsychology and served on the American Psychological Association's Task Force on the Interface between Psychology and Global Climate Change.

The New York Times called Thomas Joseph Doherty "the most prominent American advocate of a growing discipline known as 'ecopsychology.' Thomas's work has also been featured in the Oregonian; New Hampshire Public Radio; the Detroit Metro Times; Sustainability: The Journal of Record; Alternative and Complementary Therapies, the Monitor on Psychology.

Thomas has provided talks and workshops for organizations such as the American Psychological Association, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Natural Step USA, New Season's Markets, the Port of Portland, the Bioneers, the Association of Oregon Recyclers, and the Oregon Counseling Association.


Amanda Starr, Psy.D., EAGALA

Amanda Starr is a licensed psychologist in Portland, Oregon, and is certified by EAGALA in equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP). In 2006, Amanda graduated with her doctorate in psychology from Pacific University and became licensed in Oregon in 2008. A member of the trauma team at the Portland DBT Program for three years, Amanda is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and is experienced in working with people who struggle with suicidal urges and self-harm behavior, intense emotion dysregulation, and difficulty building and maintaining stable, satisfying relationships. In 2010, her clinical focus shifted to include advanced training (Levels I & II) in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body-based talk therapy for trauma recovery. In private practice since 2011, Amanda works with adults ages 18–70+ on issues related to mood and anxiety, relationships and communication, PTSD and complex trauma, and dissociative disorders.

Having grown up on a ranch in Northern California, Amanda has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and animals of all kinds. In her free time she loves to ride horses, go on long rambles with her dogs Maya and Huckleberry, swim, kayak, cook, eat, or lie in a hammock and read a trashy book. She aims to bring compassion, mindful awareness, acceptance, and humor into her work with people, and feels privileged in her role of supporting clients' pursuit of personal healing and growth.

Leah Shuyler, LPC, EAGALA

Leah Shuyler has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark. In addition, she received a Specialty in Ecopsychology from Lewis & Clark. She also holds a Certificate in Yoga Calmô for Children and she is the Yoga Calm Certification Manager and Online Course Manager. She has been working with Yoga Calm to integrate Ecopsychology principles and activities into their program and she will be co-authoring a book tentatively titled Love, Knowledge, and Action: Fostering Environmental Stewardship, publish date to be determined. Leah has experience working with all ages, as well as individuals, groups and families. She has experience in environmental education, watershed restoration, leading children's camps, and teaching gymnastics and trampoline. She has also worked as a Mental Health Therapist, she has helped lead workshops and trainings for teachers and counselors, she has presented at multiple conferences, and she has participated in various research studies. Leah has been passionate about helping people and the planet since she was a young child. She enjoys spending time in nature and with her family and friends. And she loves learning about the environment and different cultures from around the world.

Ivy Katz, LPC, E-RYT

Ivy Katz has a masters in Counseling Psychology and certificate in Ecopsychology from Lewis & Clark College. She is also trained in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy and is a certified yoga instructor. Ivy has had numerous experiences in the outdoor behavioral healthcare field. Along with her Masters degree she holds two bachelors degree from Prescott College. One in human development and the other in dance. She focused her studies on the therapeutic use of adventure education along with dance as means for personal and spiritual growth.

Since 2007 Ivy has worked in the mental health field, including three and half years as a senior field instructor at two adult based wilderness therapy programs. This includes competencies in backpacking, earth based skills, rites of passage work, and other adventure based activities. She has also had multiple years of experience working with adolescents at both wilderness programs and residential treatment.

Along with working as a therapist at the Center at Heron Hill, Ivy has a counseling private practice where she focuses on somatic mindfulness based approaches to therapy. www.ourinnerlandscape.com She also works as a teacher trainer for the non-profit Street Yoga where she trains other social workers,counselors and yoga teachers how to teach yoga to vulnerable youth. Ivy is a wilderness first responder and a Leave No Trace trainer. When Ivy is not working you can usually find her on her yoga mat, traveling, exploring the mountains, riding her bike and spending time with family and friends.


Beth Kuchenreuther, LPCi, EAGALA, Publicity Consultant

As founder of Four Winds Coaching, Beth Kuchenreuther seeks to energize clients and guide them toward greater self-awareness and realization of their fullest potential. Beth’s highly developed coaching and training skills are backed by twenty years of experience in executive leadership, team development, and sales management. She has supported leaders at several levels in developing their operational and personalized action plans, enhancing their effectiveness, and helping them reconnect with their passions and strengths.

After earning a M.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Education, Beth was formally trained as a professional coach, and is licensed as a Certified Counselor in WA State. She is an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) trained specialist (Level I and II) and holds both Mental Health and Equine Specialist certifications.

Beth designs and conducts coaching and training programs for executive development and organizational teams, and specializes in leadership development, team performance, and employee engagement. Her counseling specializations include women, wellness and workplace issues. Beth utilizes her extensive background and education to challenge and support her clients as they reach outside their current reality and transform their work and life.

Michael Margadonna, BA

Michael Margadonna began developing his love of the wilds by dodging copperheads and alligators while sneaking through the swampy forests of the southeast, chasing whitetail deer. Being an active and current wilderness explorer, Michael is constantly pushing himself and updating his skills in the field, learning from real life experiences. He has logged thousands of miles on foot and canoe in remote wilderness locations around the world, as well as embraced a lifestyle of hunting, trapping, and fishing year round for food, beginning at a very young age.

As an accomplished archer, Michael is a certified USA Archery instructor and member of the National Field Archery Association with a passion for creating challenging and realistic archery scenarios for himself and his students. He has taught archery with all age groups on all levels. He enjoys teaching everyone from young beginners to old timer hunters, believing there is always room to grow. In addition to being an archer, Michael is both a bowyer (a maker of bows) and a fletcher (a maker of arrows), as well as a teacher of both trades.

Michael enjoys a connection with the earth that feels led to share with others. In his free time he can often be found (or not) far into the forest somewhere, hunting or fishing for something, or scouting for future adventures. If he is not there he is training at his dojo in Judo or Kyokushin Karate.


Denni Edlund, MSW, MPH

Denni holds Masters degrees in both social work and public health from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelor degree in community health from Brown University. She is a registered Clinical Social Worker Associate, pursuing her License in Clinical Social Work in the state of Oregon. She is fluent in Spanish, and has worked with individuals and groups facing a range health and social issues in high poverty urban communities, focusing mainly on children and youth. She spent five years at the Health, Emotions and Behavior laboratory with the Yale University Psychology department, in message framing community-based research in HIV/AIDS and cancer education. Denni is a master gardener and spends much of her free time doing a range of do it yourself, make and build your own projects, as well as getting outdoors with her family and animals as much as possible. She is awed daily by the rhythm and beauty of the natural world around her and is happy to be able to share this with clients at the Center at Heron Hill.


Jerry Ryan, CRC, LPC

Jerry Ryan holds a Masters in Counseling from Portland State University and was awarded the two highest honors given to a graduate student – the University Masters Commendation Award and the University Award for Excellence. Since graduation, he has returned to the university to teach two classes – The Psychosocial Aspects of Disability; and Nutrition and Mental Health: The Connection between Diet and Depression.

Jerry currently has a private practice called Mind’s Eye Counseling in Oregon City, Oregon. His focus is on anxiety and stress-related issues, self-esteem, trauma recovery, addiction, and life transitions. He uses a Mindfulness-Based approach to help clients become more able to be in the present moment without being overwhelmed by their emotions.

He is trained Mental Health Specialist under the Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and runs an Equine-Assisted Counseling program for individuals and groups with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues.

His background includes working on trauma and transplant surgical teams at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Oregon Health Sciences University. He also holds a PhD in Natural Health, was awarded a Black Belt from the Royal Hawaiian Academy of Martial Arts and Combat Sciences, has had years of training in bodybuilding, and is currently completing certification as a Life Coach. Always a lover of the outdoors, he has hiked and backpacked along the AppalachianTrail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and in dozens of wilderness areas around the United States.


Jana Eilermann, BA, WFR, Graduate Student Intern

Jana has an undergraduate degree in Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education and Social and Environmental Studies from Brevard College in Western North Carolina. Before moving to Oregon, she merged her love of adventure sports and therapy through teaching rock climbing as a therapeutic activity for adolescents at a residential treatment program. Jana loves metaphors as a means to understand and is inspired by the power of experiential therapy. Jana feels passionately about social justice and the impact of social inequity on mental health.  As a professional, Jana enjoys facilitating therapeutic groups using games, initiatives, adventure sports, and art. When not at school or at the farm, Jana enjoys mountain biking, baking, paddling with her Dragon Boat team, and hanging out with her dog, Maggie. Jana is a graduate student in Professional Mental Health Counseling with specializations in Addictions and Ecopsychology at Lewis and Clark College.


Joshua Talbert MA, LPCi Intern

I was born and raised in New York City. I migrated west, with stops in Ohio and Alaska, and have lived in Oregon for over 8 years. In addition to Psychology, I bring an extensive background in Dance and Creative Movement. Because of this, I value sensory experience as an important way of learning more about ourselves and creating change. My work with clients often combines awareness of the senses with simple body movement to promote insight, build skills, and practice new behavior. I have completed a graduate certificate in Ecopsychology, and believe that considering relationship to the environment – country or city - is important part of improving health. I view this relationship as a very personal thing, and hope to provide tools that encourage connection to place as a source of strength and resilience.

I have lived in Japan and Indonesia, as well as traveled around South East Asia and parts of Western Europe. These cultures have opened my eyes to the many different ways that people can live. I hope to provide services that are sensitive to cultural differences, and respect different views about the world.


Lisa Goebel

Lisa Goebel holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington in Sociology (BA) and Law, Societies, and Justice (BS).  She was enrolled in graduate courses and an active member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and Sigma Kappa Sorority.  She has completed post-baccalaureate study in Equine Assisted Counseling at Prescott College and Abnormal Psychology at Portland Community College.

Lisa is certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor at the Registered Level and an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl).  She is also certified as an Equine Specialist through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA).  She enjoys teaching ground and mounted sessions, and specializes in working with people dealing with trauma and anxiety, PTSD, and addiction issues.  Lisa has developed equine programs and curriculum to specifically address these conditions.

She is an experienced hunter / jumper rider who loves to ride and show horses in her free time.  She has also ridden on a western drill team, and is skilled in the natural horsemanship style of training.


Jessica Budeau, BA, Graduate Student Intern, Clinic Coordinator

Jessica comes to Heron Hill with over 20 years-experience in the medical field and is working towards completion of her graduate degree in Clinic Social Work through Arizona State University as well as her EAGALA certification in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. With her undergraduate work in Child and Family Studies, Communications and Conflict Resolution and Mediation, she is a well-known liaison between the medical and social services communities and enjoys networking and partnership building. Jessica holds extensive experience in program development, case management, health navigation and is a certified community resource navigator. In addition, she remains dedicated to the community through participation in several advocacy groups and committees within Clackamas County and is passionate about improving coordination of care between the mental health and physical health worlds. Her approach with clients centers on being genuine, transparent and direct with a strengths-based perspective. Jessica most enjoys working with adults who are navigating challenges in effective communication, health, boundaries, relationships, finances, academics and work.


Katherine Yeaton, CADC1, CRM, EAGALA

Katharine Yeaton is one of our Equine Specialists, certified in EAGALA at Heron Hill. Her passion for horses began as a child. She owned and operated a horse farm in Virginia for ten years before returning to Oregon in 2010. She pursued her degree and certification in the Drug and Alcohol Counseling field; she is a certified CADC 1, as well as a Peer Recovery Mentor. She developed the ďRide with PrideĒ program at Hampton University in 2008, for first generation college bound females ages 12-13. While living in Virginia, she also volunteered her time at the 4 Leaf Ranch, a hippotherapy barn in Chesapeake, Virginia. While living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, she owned and operated a tack shop and a blueberry farm. She has over 30+ years of direct hands on experience with horses; and over two decades personal experience in the recovery community.

Justin Panneck, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Justin Panneck is near completion of his Masterís in Counseling with a focus on marriage, couples, and family counseling and a specialization in trauma and crisis. He has a Masterís in education and has spent several years involved in exploring and developing learning motivation for students ages 8 to 11, and has also provided mentorship for troubled adolescents. He was also a city mediator for victim-offender reconciliation, adolescent cases, and landlord-tenant issues. He spent 7 years in the business world as a consultant, corporate trainer, and business leader and has a great deal of experience in motivation and success training.

Justin holds a PhD in health psychology and has spent the last seven years conducting research on effective coping mechanisms for daily and life stressors as well as alternative healing modalities, including but not limited to shamanism, ethnopharmacology, mindfulness techniques, meditation and yoga, spirituality, altered states, drumming and song, and nature immersion. Justin is also a board member of a division of the American Anthropology Association known as the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness and gives talks at several annual conferences on such diverse topics as the future of health and healing, modern culture, mythology, symbolism in the modern era, and the relationship between humans, technology, and nature. He is also a writer and author and has published a fictional book entitled The Knight of Dark Wood: The Last Tree Whisperer, which includes themes related to family dynamics, overcoming death and adversity, and mythology.

Justin is an assistant professor of psychology at Colorado Technical University and an adjunct faculty for Blue Cliff College. In addition to psychology, he teaches/has taught such diverse topics as organizational psychology, child psychopathology, psychology and film, health psychology, forensic psychology, history of psychology, and American culture and diversity. His current research interests include ecopsychology, consciousness and altered states, alternative medicine, shamanism, healing through music and song, spirituality and religion, behavioral health, and culture and community psychology. His counseling interests include stress and coping, crisis and trauma, communication issues, spiritual crisis, anxiety/panic disorder, substance abuse/addiction, parenting practices, family issues, self-esteem, career counseling, menís issues, and rites of passage. He has an eclectic approach to counseling individuals, couples, and families that includes Impact Therapy, mindfulness techniques, eco-therapeutic techniques, Solution-Focused and Emotion-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and a strength-based perspective.

Justin believes that we live in a society that ultimately erodes our livelihood, creativity, freedom, connection, community, and tends to create anxiety, depression, addiction, and violence. Getting in touch with nature is the first step in alleviating our culturally-based symptoms and allows us to reconnect from that which we emerged. He believes that individuals create scripts and myths and that people resist change, although many issues can be resolved by interrupting the familiar patterns and using language and environment in new ways to foster new perspectives, as our environment and language creates the reality in which we live. Helping individuals and families re-write their story can help to create more healthy patterns of interaction and living. In his spare time, Justin likes to write fiction and poetry; play guitar, flute, and drums; engage in song circles; backpack and hike; perform spoken word performances; garden; and is an avid mushroom forager, cultivator, and gourmet cook. Growing, cultivating, and foraging for food, while cooking healthy gourmet meals for family and friends is a birthright, is therapeutic, and fosters family and community growth and cohesion.

Alice A. Nelson, MS, LMFT

Alice Nelson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of Oregon. Alice approaches therapy with a genuine and creative style; she utilizes both a collaborative process and evidence-based research to help empower her clients. Alice enjoys working on a variety of complex topics (e.g. trauma, anxiety, depression, relational issues) with youth and families, as well as with individuals. Within her role as a therapist, Alice views herself as a knowledgeable hiking companion who deeply cares about her clientís well being, and not simply as a guide dictating the path of personal healing. Alice is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), in Tier 1 of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), and as an ACORN effective therapist based on analysis of therapy outcome data.

Previously, Alice worked as an Intensive Community Based Child and Family Therapist with Albertina Kerr, as a Child and Family Therapist within a Juvenile Justice Centerís locked-down residential program, and has experience both in hospital and community outpatient settings. Prior to becoming a therapist, Alice worked for about 5 years as a lead researcher on NIH/NIMH funded public health and program evaluation grants; this research resulted in authorship on peer-reviewed publications, as well as presentations at national and international conferences. Alice earned her B.A. in Psychology and Spanish at SUNY Geneseo in NY, and completed her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Rochesterís School of Medicine and Dentistry.

When not working, Alice is usually either doing something active (e.g. hiking, running, biking, bouldering, volunteering, traveling) or creative (e.g. writing, improv, playing guitar, singing, dancing, doodling).


Hayden Collier, LPC

Hayden Collier is a Licensed Profession Counselor in the state of Oregon and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-I. Hayden works with adolescents, adults and families and believes that incorporating the beauty of nature into therapy can help facilitate positive, lasting change. In addition, she understands that sometimes it can be difficult for individuals to connect with people and has a deep respect for the therapeutic use of animals in counseling. She has experience working in a variety of settings including schools, residential and outpatient treatments, and with agencies such as DHS and probation. In addition to working with teens, Hayden has experience working with individuals with severe and pervasive mental illness and working with trauma. In her spare time, Hayden enjoys horseback riding, swimming, being near the ocean and spending time with her dog.