Anya Crea Vance, Student Intern

Hava DennenbergAnya is an intern from Lewis & Clark University where she is completing her masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling as well as a certification in Ecopsychology. She completed her undergraduate degree at Oregon State University in Psychology with a focus on outdoor programming and adventure leadership. Anya’s primary focus is working with adolescence and adults with a variety of concerns (e.g anxiety, stress, depression, life-transitions, relationship issues). She operates from a mindfulness based cognitive perspective and utilizes expressive arts, body-focused interventions, neurobiology, and other creative avenues for healing and change.

While in her undergraduate program she spent several years raft guiding and leading groups for other adventure trips. This is where her admiration and respect for the power of nature as a healing tool began. Since then she has worked as a skills trainer in residential care facilities for children and as a nanny and caregiver for families. In her free time Anya enjoys water sports, practicing yoga, cooking, and spending as much time as possible in her garden.