Dori Kuehn, LPC-Intern

Dori KuehnDori Kuehn’s approach to counseling is experiential, somatic, strength-based, and inspired by somatic ways of working with trauma and attachment. Dori supports her clients in weathering life’s storms and in discovering the goodness, tenderness and strength that we all possess. Dori works from a mindfulness-based practice of “being with what is,” while at the same time striving to uncover and deconstruct systems of oppression. Dori facilitates a process that encourages clients to develop a sense of personal agency and empowerment by getting to know themselves through the many realms of their experience. Dori guides folks in learning how to utilize their bodies as an ally in their healing journey, and Dori believes that learning to respect and have compassion for ourselves and others can create new and more satisfying ways of experiencing life. Dori is passionate about bringing this approach to populations who might otherwise not have access to these methodologies, in particular young people who are considered high risk.