Caroline Vetter, PsyD EXT: 9803

Dr. Caroline Vetter is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, an EAGALA certified Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist and a lifelong horse person who sought a career in psychology after spending some time in the animal conservation and training worlds. Caroline has always loved being around animals and found that being in their presence, especially horses, helped her to live more in the present moment. During her graduate training, she began to see how therapy could provide a space much like the one found with horses. Realizing that sometimes, simply taking time to live fully in the present moment can help alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety. Caroline’s hope is to be able to provide a space of safety and exploration where folks can find reprieve as well as a space to confront challenges and grow. She enjoys working with adults, couples and families and has experience working with those suffering with self esteem issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and relationship struggles.