Claire Duncan, Mental Health Student Intern

Claire is a student at Lewis & Clark, currently working towards a master’s degree in Art Therapy. Claire believes that we encounter the world through our own previous experiences and beliefs, and that therapy should work to address these internalized relationships and events. Making and viewing art is a way for us to engage in a safe exploration of these experiences and to build new relationships. Claire works to actively address structural inequities which contribute to health disparities as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Claire holds a BA in history; her undergraduate coursework focused on this history of colonialism, capitalism, and the built environment. She draws on this knowledge base, as well as her experience in early childhood education, to guide her in understanding the impact of social and historical contexts, early relationships and experiences on mental health. Claire grew up in the Pacific Northwest and loves spending time outdoors in the rain. She finds peace gardening, spending time with her cat Suzy, and making art.