Clara Villalobos Andino, Registered Mental Health Student Intern EXT: 4352

Clara is originally from Argentina and migrated to California as a teenager. She earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology and had a career in agriculture for a decade. She was an educator in agriculture for beginner farmers and operated a small-scale farm in Sacramento. Her time working in the food system and with plants brought her a deep understanding of the importance of our humanity within the context of all the environments, how we are impacted and shaped by them throughout our lives. Currently, she is in her final year at Lewis & Clark College, finishing a Masters in family, couples, and marriage therapy with a focus on ecopsychology. As a therapist, she is a firm believer that all people have the ability to learn, adapt and grow through their relationship to themselves and others in compassionate and productive ways. She believes that each client knows their lived experience best and that there is inherent value in understanding larger societal forces that affect our interactions, relationships and lives. As a multilingual and multicultural person, Clara hopes to provide culturally relevant therapy and facilitate a sustainable, non-judgmental experience in therapy.