Eztrella “Ez” Armijo, Student Intern in Art Therapy

EZ is an Art Therapy Graduate student who is also earning an Ecopsychology Certificate at Lewis & Clark college. By integrating Art Therapy with Ecopsychology, Ez aims to work with the dual power of creativity and nature to co-create a therapeutic space and healing for all. Ez’s experience includes being a trained Psychosynthesis Life Coach, 8 years of experience as a practicing Astrologer, and being a multi-instrumental musician. loves learning about and connecting with the natural world. Ez spent several years extensively studying many forms of art making and creative mediums including painting, drawing, photography, animation, music, and she has an undergraduate degree (BFA) in Digital Film and Video, specializing in documentary filmmaking. Through exploring With a passion to serve and support folks across the lifespan, especially LGBTQ+, People of color, and other marginalized communities, Ez hopes to bring healing, connection, and belonging to individuals and their communities. By exploring and enhancing our understanding of ourselves and the world around us Ez has experience facilitating community based art therapy Open Studio, with emphasis on Art for Social change. Exploring how art making with community can assist in processing current world events which affect folks on individual and collective levels. Utilizing Narrative therapy, Multicultural counseling, Queer and Feminist theory In her free time, Ez loves being immersed in nature via backpacking, hiking, and biking, as well as gardening and creatively cooking the many foods harvested.