George Goldston, LMFT

Hi, my name is George. I have experience serving clients of diverse backgrounds in a variety of need. Whether you are facing depression and anxiety or conflict in your relationships, I am here to help. Your history is important; you deserve to be heard and get the resources you need. I will validate your pain and collaboratively figure out the next steps to create positive changes in your life.

I focus on your relationship to other people, yourself, culture, society and the ecosystem. I will help you identify pattens of behavior that negatively impact your relationships and yourself. Once you understand where they come from, we will explore new ways of relating, behaving and communicating together.

Experiences we can explore together include: depression, anxiety, stress, LGBTQ+, relationship conflict and communication, men’s issues, ADHD, intercultural relationships, as well as many others. I offer Telehealth only through Alliance Counseling and am located remotely in South Carolina.