George M. Goldston Jr., LMFT Intern

Hi, my name is George (he/him/his) and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern in the state of Oregon. That is an outdated way of saying Systems Therapist or Relationship Therapist. I have experience serving clients of diverse backgrounds in a variety of need. Whether you are facing depression and anxiety or conflict in your relationships, I am here to help. Your history is important; you deserve to be heard and get the resources you need. I will validate your pain and collaboratively figure out the next steps to create positive changes in your life.

I focus on your relationship to other people, yourself, culture, society and the ecosystem. I will help you identify pattens of behavior that negatively impact your relationships and yourself. Once you understand where they come from, we will explore new ways of relating, behaving and communicating together.

Experiences we can explore together include: depression, anxiety, stress, queer identity, relationship conflict and communication, men’s issues, multipotentialite identity, multicultural and international relationships, as well as many others.

Researched therapy models I utilize include: person-centered therapy, Gottman, emotionally focused therapy, narrative, experiential, Gestalt, internal family systems (IFS), collaborative therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Researched therapy theories I utilize include: Ecotherapy, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Existential Humanistic, Feminist Theory and Queer Theory.

I enjoy leading groups such as the Inner Parts Self-Empowerment group.

My Education & Training:

Master of Arts in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR)

Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)

  • Certificate in Ecopsychology from Lewis & Clark College
  • Trainings and Research: Decolonizing Ecopsychology; Nature Play Therapy; Art Therapy; Multicultural Couples Counseling; Self Care Intervention; LGBTQ+ Inclusivity & Intervention; Suicide Prevention; Couples Therapy; Socio-Emotional Relationship Therapy Research & Supervision; Ethics in Therapy; Internal Family Systems; Inner Critics; Metaphor Work; Animal-Assisted Therapy; Indigenous Perspectives in Mental Health; Neuroscience, Trauma & Polyvagal Theory Supervision