Jennifer Cole, Mental Health Student Intern

Jenny is a student at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling. She is working towards a Master’s degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Addictions, while also earning a certificate in eco-therapy. Jenny holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Montana in psychology with a minor in english literature. Her goal as a clinician is to incorporate somatic and skills based therapies with eco-therapy to help facilitate healing. Jenny’s practice is informed by her years as a massage therapist and a yoga instructor. These experiences helped her to realize the importance of the mind-body connection and how that connection can help an individual to achieve self-awareness.

Jenny grew up on an island in Southeast Alaska where she commercially fished with her family and traveled amongst coastal communities. This time spent in nature allowed her to experience first hand how therapeutic it can be, inspiring her to incorporate nature-based modalities into her practice. Whether it’s hiking with her two dogs, gardening, or beach combing, she tries to spend quality time in nature every day. Being by the ocean is still where Jenny feels most at home.