Lauren Radakovich, MA, Mental Health Student Intern

Lauren is currently pursuing a Masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark College. Lauren was born and raised in the midwest and upon completing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the Ohio State University, combined her passions for travel and education by pursuing a Masters in Sociology in Cork Ireland. Lauren stumbled upon the concept of Biophilia while exploring the link between different cultures and the natural world and her thesis showcased Nature’s ability to reduce stress and improve the mental, physical and emotional health of her research participants. Through her own deepening relationship with Nature, she decided to pursue this potential healing on a deeper level with the goal of helping others feel the same benefits.

This insight led Lauren to the woods (as it often does) to work with teenage girls in a residential outdoor therapeutic program in central Florida. Living in a tent for two years and watching the girls learn about themselves through nature’s lessons was a profound experience that solidified Lauren’s belief in therapy in an outdoor setting.

Lauren loves to work collaboratively with clients exploring creative solutions to their problems (often in the form of movement, art, or imagination). Counseling from a Gestalt perspective, Lauren believes that therapy is a process of people finding balance in their lives and attempting to integrate different pieces of their internal and external experiences in order to meet their needs, feeling a deeper sense of empowerment. All the while, Nature is our home and when people feel lost or scared, Nature can offer a safe place that people can return to, all the while reminding them that they are alive and interconnected to all living things.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys traveling, exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest, playing with her cat Lea and meddling with all of her hundreds of plant babies in the garden.