Meredith Reia, Mental Health Student Intern

Meredith Reia is a professional mental health student intern who is currently completing a master’s degree at Lewis & Clark College after pivoting from a career in wildlife conservation research and education. Meredith holds a certificate in Ecopsychology, which includes training in Adventure Therapy, and work for three years in crisis response with the Trauma Intervention Program. Meredith received additional training in somatic psychotherapy, grief and bereavement, creative interventions, and therapeutic play.

Whether expansion and growth or contraction and grief, Meredith believes the human experience happens in relationship. That includes relationships with other people, with the greater than human world, and with ourselves. Meredith views therapy as a co-created journey rooted in the relationship that is built together. To help us create a real and empowering connection – the kind of connection that supports change – Meredith brings transparency, direct communication, and a commitment to collaborative decision-making.

Meredith’s approach is experiential and holistic, recognizing that change happens when our whole system experiences something different than what we’ve known or done before. This can range from going for a hike together to having conversation that helps connect the dots in life to tapping into creative expression and/or play. In all cases, Meredith bring curiosity, an emphasis on mindfulness, and an open invitation to voice your authentic truth.

Meredith is interested in working with all ages and a wide variety of needs, including but not limited to trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, identity exploration, sexuality, relational issues, spirituality and is deeply invested in supporting all lived experiences, including LGBTQIA+, BIMPOC, and other marginalized communities. Whatever you are navigating in life, Meredith looks forward to walking this part of your path alongside you.