Oriana Korol, LCSW

Ori is a Clinical Social Work Associate and specializes in working with children, youth and families. Ori received her undergraduate degree in Earth and Environmental Science and her graduate degree from Portland State University.
Ori has a background in nature connection and wilderness therapy. Ori likes to track animals, listen to bird language and make baskets. As a therapist, Ori has experience in residential settings for youth as well as outpatient. Her therapeutic approach is informed by Humanistic Psychology, Collaborative Problem Solving and Brain First Parenting. Ori uses humor, empathy, art and storytelling to connect with youth. As a certified Yoga teacher, Ori incorporates mindfulness and awareness into her sessions. Ori is aware of the impacts of trauma, generational trauma and historical trauma on individuals, families, and communities. Ori practices and teaches restorative justice techniques to help people heal from harm and focuses on dynamics within family systems to create change.

Ori has worked with many LGBTQ+ youth and helped youth start and run groups at schools and at Albertina Kerr’s subacute program. Ori also has specialized training working with adoptive and foster families as well as neuro-divergent youth.