Rachel Stein, Graduate Student in Professional Mental Health Counseling, Intern

Growing up as a transracial adoptee has tremendously shaped both my personal and professional identity. I believe resiliency truly is at the core of human growth and development. My passion is in working with youth who have experienced foster care or adoption to provide support for navigating the complexities of various identities.

Through a strengths-based, compassionate, and collaborative relationship, we will have the opportunity to explore this journey together. My hope is to help you discover growth-fostering relationships with strong attachments that guide you towards a path of healing and discovering meaningful connection.

My draw towards being in nature began at a young age, however it was not explored upon until high school where I gained the agency to spend time outdoors on my own, and again now in my graduate degree through a professional lens by completing a certification in Ecopsychology. Being surrounded by trees and other natural elements is where I always want to be.

Being a Certified Yoga Teacher I have explored the beautiful connection that exists between our bodies and minds. I hold the belief that we are creatures born to move, play, and learn through getting to know our inner experience. In practice, I utilize mindfulness, somatic, and movement based therapies to assist in greater awareness of our holistic self.

I enjoy spending time exploring the great outdoors, creating in the kitchen, moving my body in yoga and rock climbing, and quality time with my partner, two cuddly & sassy kitties, and two beloved rescue dogs adopted from Korea.