Shelly Hsu, Student Intern

Raised in a family of first generation immigrants, Shelly has developed both a curiosity for people different than her as well as the impulse to build community wherever she is. Shelly sought to serve her community in various ways, such as starting an afterschool program for low-income students through the AmeriCorps, supporting adults with disabilities who live independently, and being an advocate for sexual assault survivors. Her penchant for exploring other cultures led Shelly to live in Argentina for a couple of years, which was a period of reflection and reassessing societal norms and values.

Following her love for the outdoors, she received a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and Management at Portland State University. Shelly enjoys hiking and climbing and is currently finishing a M.A. in Counseling Psychology at Lewis and Clark college while also continuing her own journey of healing.

In adherence to her relational-cultural approach, Shelly practices radical acceptance, affirmation, and gentleness while acknowledging the impact of a person’s social locations and cultural identities (including race, sexual/romantic orientation, disability, etc.) on their personal experience and address these as desired.