Betsy June, Mental Health Student Intern

Betsy (she/they) believes that mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being exist in relationship to and impact each other. Also, well-being is affected by the relationships we have with other people, more-than-human beings (animals), society/culture, our environments, our past experiences/trauma, and more. This perspective began developing for Betsy in childhood through personal experiences and has grown throughout her life. For instance, as a kiddo, Betsy discovered that depending on the kind of discomfort she was experiencing, going outside and dancing, practicing martial arts, singing, journaling, or spending quality time with more-than-human beings or loved ones would help her feel better. Then, as a teen and young adult, Betsy worked as a caregiver and began developing a compassionate understanding of common challenges families (and individuals in them) face. She also worked in research labs where she observed and experienced such great benefits from mindfulness-based techniques that she postponed her plans for grad school to study the yogic roots of mindfulness. For over a decade, she learned, innovated, and taught, integrations of yoga (ERYT-500), psychology (BA), nature/body-based (Wellround, Yoga Tune Up, & Thai Yoga Certified), anti-oppression, trauma-informed practices to groups and individuals in the Pacific NW and internationally. She is now completing her last year in Lewis & Clark’s Masters in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy and Ecotherapy programs. As a student therapist, Betsy aims to support her clients in creating and achieving their well-being goals with as much ease as possible. Using non-judgmental awareness, Betsy’s therapeutic approach focuses on healing internal and external relationships. Sessions often include therapeutic conversation and (when it’s of interest/benefit to the client) play, art, movement/walks, self-massage, breath-work, connecting with the natural world (via Horticultural Therapy or Animal Assisted Therapy), and more. Betsy’s special interests include play therapy with children, affirmative support for individuals and families in QTBIPOC communities, major family/life transitions, romantic partnership challenges, internet addictions, as well as eco, reproductive, spiritual, and religious anxiety, trauma, and grief.