Shelby Spade, Professional Counseling Associate

Shelby Spade is a Professional Counseling Associate that aims to aid others in creating new, meaningful perspectives about themselves and the world they occupy. Her journey into counseling began as a wilderness therapy guide, where she fostered an appreciation for the impacts of healing relationships with others and the natural world, laying the foundation for her therapy career. Shelby earned a master’s degree in professional mental health counseling from Lewis and Clark College in 2022, specializing in addictions counseling. Shelby is trained in somatic experiencing and child centered play therapy, incorporating modalities such as narrative therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and compassion-focused counseling. Shelby incorporates the wisdom of the nervous system in addressing and integrating trauma through somatically oriented practice approaches, tailoring her methods to meet the unique needs of each individual client. Shelby finds fulfillment in working with individuals facing grief, navigating anxiety, coping with complex medical conditions, supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community, and addressing eco-dread. Outside of work Shelby enjoys spending time skiing, reading, weightlifting, playing guitar, and crafting.